BIPOC Teacher Training Scholarship


Hot 8 Yoga is a place where every member invests in themselves and their community. Fostering a culture of continual improvement, we are an anchor in the world of wellness. Our core values are grit, growth and community. We are dedicated to fostering diversity and inclusion by increasing the representation of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) in our yoga teachers.

We will award full (100%) scholarships for our 60 and 200 hour programs in each region. Applications are accepted 3 months before every training, and close 1 month prior to training start (see below for dates). We will notify all applicants 3 weeks before teacher training. *Memberships are required during teacher training. Once accepted you will receive 50% off a membership for the duration of the training.


Teacher Training starts September 7th

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Applications open June 7th
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Applications due by August 7th
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Scholarships awarded and participants notified August 15th
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