Teacher Training Scholarship

Hot8Yoga is looking to increase accessibility of yoga teacher trainings within our community to encourage a diverse range of participants. We believe a diverse group of trainees is fundamental to developing a well rounded yoga teacher training program.

Through this scholarship, Hot8Yoga aims to develop future teachers that reflect the community in which it exists. Our teacher training curriculum promotes self – reflection and drawing from real life experiences. Developing teachers that are able to teach from their heart and connect to all of their students.


Scholarship Schedule

Teacher Training Winter: January – March

Open Application: July – November
Interviews: November

Teacher Training Summer: June

Open Application: November – April 1
Interviews: April

Teacher Training Fall: September – November

Open Application: April – July 1
Interviews: July


Next Steps

1. Applications are read by the Scholarship Committee
2. Based on the essays, one-on-one interviews with select applicants
3. All applicants will be notified
4. Chosen applicant will receive instructions for next steps and sign up information

Teacher adjusting Student in Class