Savasana Is Just As Cool As Asana

Life can be crazy and hectic and sometimes we forgot to give ourselves just 5 minutes of uninterrupted rest. We often forget the importance of savasana after class and don’t allow our bodies the time to reap the benefits.

Here are some amazing reasons why savasana is just as important as all the physical aspects!

“Over time, Savasana teaches us how—and that we can—move from anxiety and hyper-stimulation to this state of down-regulation where digestion, the immune system, and other essential systems are restored and enhanced.” Annie Carpenter

Savasana is a precursor to meditation: by giving yourself the 3-5 minutes of savasana your mind and body are gaining the necessary tools to practice a 15-minute mindful meditation.

Savasana gives your body the time to process all information it was just given during your physical practice. Your body has just moved in many different ways, muscles have been stretched and strengthened and your heart rate has fluctuated. By allowing your body those 5 minutes of peaceful savasana  it can process all of this information making yourself stronger and healthier.

Give yourself the time these next few weeks and stay for savasana! See how it may change your body for future practicing!